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Crab Game
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Composer(s)Context Sensitive
Release29 October 2021

Crab Game is a free-to-play video game developed and published by Norwegian indie developer Daniel Sooman, commonly known as Dani.[1][2] The game was released for Microsoft Windows on Steam and for macOS and Linux on on 29 October 2021; the macOS and Linux editions were later released on Steam on 16 November. Based on the Netflix series Squid Game, players compete with each other in a wide range of minigames in order to be the last one alive.


Crab Game is a first-person multiplayer party game where players compete in various minigames based around childhood games. The player must avoid dying and be the last one remaining in order to win a cash prize; however, the game can end if there is nobody left.[3] Players can attack others with various items, compete in various maps and game modes and communicate with each other through proximity chat. Players can also create servers with up to 50 players or join existing ones. While the game initially featured primarily Squid Game-inspired minigames, a series of content updates have expanded the game to have a variety of game modes and maps unique to Crab Game, with no discernible connection to the series.[4][5][6][7]

Development and release[edit]

Crab Game was initially created in two weeks in response to Squid Game's popularity and was named as such to avoid a cease and desist letter from Netflix.[2] On 29 October 2021, Crab Game was released on Steam for Microsoft Windows.[8] The game was released on for macOS and Linux as Dani was unsure of their stability due to not being able to test them;[4] said editions were later released on Steam on 16 November.[9] Since its release, Crab Game has been receiving content updates.[7]


Crab Game was well-received upon its initial release, reaching an all-time peak of over 56,000 players on Steam and over 211,000 viewers on Twitch.[2][6][10] The game also quickly gained exposure on YouTube.[11]

On 2 November 2021, Twitch streamer xQc experienced a DDoS attack while playing Crab Game, causing him to disconnect from the internet.[12] Various Twitch streamers also experienced DDoS attacks, such as Sodapoppin and Nick Polom.[13] The issues were confirmed by developer Dani to be caused by the network the game was running on, which made the IP addresses of players public; he urged players to not join any public lobbies to prevent any DDoS attacks.[14] The issue has since been fixed.[7][13]


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